Baltic Applied Astroinformatics and Space data Processing




The first International Scientific Conference “Baltic Applied Astroinformatics and Space data Processing” (BAASP2012) was be held on May 7 and 8 at Ventspils University College.

First and therefore historical BAASP2012 Conference focused on the astronomy, astrophysics, space technologies and informatics aspects related to interdisciplinary research in astroinformatics and space data engineering. The scope of the Conference covered fundamental and applied research.

Participants of BAASP2012 Conference were new and experienced scientists and also students involved in scientific work from Latvia, including, Engineering Research Institute “Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center” (ERI VIRAC) of Ventspils University College, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Luxemburg, Poland and Germany. There were presented 22 reports in plenary sessions and two parallel sections “Space science” and “Space engineering and IT solutions”. Total number of participants was 60 persons.

BAASP2012 Conference served as a meeting point for regional researchers fostering their carriers and strengthening cooperation ties in Baltic States thus creating a wider platform for collaboration in space technology area.

BAASP2012 Conference was organized by ERI VIRAC and financed from European Regional Development Fund’s project “International competitiveness and capacity-building of Satellite research”
(SATTEH, No.2010/0189/2DP/


Plenary Session (May 7):

  • Isolated Sunspot With Dark Patch In Coronal Emission by D. Bezrukov, B. Ryabov (Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center), K. Shibasaki (Nobeyama Solar Radio Observatory).  In Ventspils, 7 – 8 May, 2012.
  • Grid Computing For The Space Technology Research by J. Tamuliene.  In Ventspils, 7 – 8 May, 2012.
  • Real time batch processing of streamed data by R. Balodis, K. Krampis, I. Opmane, L. Truksans (Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Latvia – IMCS UL).  In Ventspils, 7 – 8 May, 2012.
  • Designing the electrical power system for estcube-1 by M. Pajusalu, R. Rantsus, M. Pelakauskas, A. Leitu, J. Kalde, E. Ilbis, H. Lillmaa, R. Reinumägi, V. Allik, M. Noorma, S. Lätt (University of Tartu, Tartu Observatory).  In Ventspils, 7 – 8 May, 2012.

Plenary Session (May 8):

Space engineering and IT solutions:

Space Science:


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