The international project’s kickoff has been successful


The project “Legal Systems and Business Law in the EU : Translating and Interpreting in Diversity” has reached its furthest north point – Ventspils in Latvia where students from seven different countries are participating in various events within the framework of the aforementioned Erasmus+ Key Action 2 intensive programme project.

First day’s topic was self-employed translator/interpreter status, skills and adventures. Project participants attended various lectures, participated in a video conference, round-table discussions regarding the self-employed interpreter/translator experience in different countries.

The first day’s closing took place at the Castle of the Livonian Order in Ventspils. The final round of official speeches was given, as well as a guided tour around the castle. The official part was followed by get-to-know-you games.

All in the entire journey to Ventspils has been long and tedious, but in spite of the cancelled flights, missing luggage and other mishaps, so many people from different countries finally have met each other.

The Kickoff has been successful, but there are still two weeks full of work and adventures ahead in the project and life in Ventspils! Some of the planned activities are expert lectures, like Vasilijs Ragacevičs (Skrivanek), Salvis Roga (Kurzeme Business Incubator), Thomas Springer (Ventspils University College), Māris Onževs (Latvijas gāze), Kaspars Kļaviņš (E-solutions), Kārlis Ozols (Linearis) and many other experts in their fields. Other activities include practical exercises, student and country presentations, making of glossaries, round-table discussions, translation of various documents, tours around Ventspils and its surroundings.