Ventspils University College international students visiting Zuru elementary school in Ventava


Thursday, March 9 six Ventspils University College (VUC) students from Spain, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Uzbekistan and Thailand were participating in Zuru Elementary school annual “Foreign Language Week”.

For third consecutive year, VUC International Office (IO) has been cooperating with Zuru Elementary school English teacher Kristīne Dane. She has been inviting VUC students to introduce 5th to 9th grade students of Zuru Elementary school to their countries, cultures, language and their impressions of Latvia, and to give school’s students an opportunity to practice English.

It is always an exciting time to go there, have VUC students present their countries, and give a chance to Zuru Elementary school students to ask questions, answer questions and win some small gifts for their attentiveness.

This year the students of Zuru elementary school also were able to hear and practice some words in Greek, Spanish, Thai and Uzbek. Monika from Hungary introduced herself in Latvian, thus encouraging the students not to be shy and have a zeal for learning languages, “If I can speak Latvian, you can also learn English!” Urzti from Spain was also brave enough to demonstrate what he already knows in Latvian. Students from Greece and Cyprus shared that there is no language barrier between them as both of the countries have the same language.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart,” Nelson Mandela. VUC International office hopes that visits like these will motivate Zuru Elementary school students to learn languages and, who knows, maybe even work hard to have a chance to visit either Uzbekistan, Thailand, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus or Spain.