Discovering Erasmus+ in Ventspils, Latvia

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Thanks to the border-less Europe, as usually, Ventspils University College was welcoming new Erasmus students this semester again. They are coming from different countries – France, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Macedonia – and have different stories. We asked three of them about their experiences and motivation to apply for Erasmus, and study in Ventspils, Latvia.

Vasiliki from Cyprus (Foreign Languages and Translation): First, I decided to apply for Erasmus, because I wanted to practice English language, and try to learn some Latvian. I chose Latvia, because it is very different from the country where I study. I wanted to explore it, and learn more about the culture of the Baltic States, especially Latvia. I like Ventspils, because it is a nice, quiet and a safe place and I like the fact that all the lecturers are very helpful at Ventspils University College. Erasmus has given me the opportunity to meet new people all around the world, and to realize, how important it is to learn about other countries, and to exchange your thoughts with different people. In my opinion all students should take this opportunity, and study abroad for a semester and of course I recommend Ventspils. I think it is a very good place to study. Moreover, one thing that everyone should keep in mind: always save some money, if you want to travel during mobility period!

Georgia from Greece (Foreign Languages and Translation): I chose Latvia, because I wanted to explore the culture of a country, which is so different from mine and I think Ventspils is a very quiet and good place to study. Academic staff at Ventspils University College is very cooperative, and we often have the chance to participate in different international events.

Erasmus mobility is a good opportunity to meet new friends from different countries. I also learned the importance of knowing other cultures, appreciating my home country more. I believe that all students should experience Erasmus, and Ventspils is a good place to do it.

Urtzi from Spain (Modern Languages and Management): Latvia was my choice, because I thought it would be interesting to spend a few months in a country with a very different culture and language. Ventspils is a nice and peaceful city. I like the comfortable dormitory, which is in the same building as the University. I have met many nice people from different countries here, and I am trying to learn the Latvian language. Erasmus is a good opportunity to open your mind, and to get to know more about different cultures and languages. I think the best thing about it is to make new friends and learn about their countries and cultures. I recommend everyone to apply for Erasmus, but it is always important to plan everything carefully, and to know exactly where you are going, and how things are going to be.


Every year Ventspils University College is not only welcoming new incoming Erasmus students, but also sending many of our students to spend part of their studies at another higher education institution or with an organisation in Europe. The Erasmus Programme in Europe has been enriching lives, opening minds and shaping people’s futures for the past 30 years (since 1987), but in Latvia and Ventspils University College (VUC) – since 1998.