Discovering Erasmus+ in Greece


During this year’s spring semester more than 30 students from Ventspils University College (VUC) left for their Erasmus+ study experience to VUC partner universities. Evita and Linda who are second year students from the VUC Faculty of Economics and Management also are among them. Their Erasmus experience takes place at the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia-TEI in Greece.

Here is little sneak peek into their adventures while conquering Greece’s mountains in Linda’s and Evita’s own words.

Nothing begins without actually getting to the country of your destination. Even on our way here, we were able to appreciate the beautiful views from the plane, hence the first photos from there. The flight was not too long, but we managed even to enjoy a bit of the German culture because on our way here we stopped there. After arriving in Greece, we spent the first few days exploring the city. There is something marvellous about this place – anywhere you look, you see the mountain peaks, even from the city centre.

No matter where we are going, our greatest friends and fellow travellers are the university guards – or our little dogs. However, not all of them are in the photo, but please know that if you are going to the centre, at least three or more dogs will follow you. The biggest number of fellow travellers were nine dogs. It only means that when we were returning from the centre, they knew about it because these dogs only follow Erasmus students.

To make our story more colourful and exciting, we have added some photos from the top of the mountain which Linda and I decided to conquer. Watch and learn from us – when asked where we are going, our response is “Forward!” and, ultimately, we end up with an amazing view. As to the food, we have only managed to try a small part of the local cafes, but in each of them, the food is somewhat better or somewhat different. The same goes for the drinks!

Linda and I went to explore the local movie theatre – one hall that in our opinion could have been some old theatre and later transformed into a rather cosy place. However, the culture, we must admit, is very different from ours because even during the movie the Greeks were acting quite loud.

We have gotten to know other Erasmus students because we live in the same house. We share a room with one more student and each room has a balcony. The living conditions are very good, although, of course, everything can be better. In the photo of four young people, we are together with guys from France and Spain – Matheo and Eneko. Once again, we went to the mountains, and tried getting to the top.

We must admit the ice cream here is simply excellent! It is impossible to do without it, especially in a warm-weather country like Greece!

That has been our journey so far.

Great thanks to Evita and Linda for their insight into their first steps in Greece.

The Erasmus Programme in Europe has been enriching lives, opening minds and shaping people’s futures for the past 30 years (since 1987), but in Latvia and Ventspils University College (VUC) – since 1998.