Welcoming a lecturer from the Bursa Technical University (BTU) in Turkey – Murat Bayrak

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From May 15 till May 19, 2017 within the framework of the Erasmus+ staff mobility for teaching Ventspils University College (VUC) welcomed a lecturer and the Director of BTU School of Foreign Languages from the Bursa Technical University (BTU) in Turkey – Murat Bayrak.

During his stay in Ventspils, he gave lectures to VUC students where they were introduced to BTU and the School of Foreign Languages, as well as the education, history, tourism and economy of Turkey and some key facts about the town of Bursa.

Before his departure on May 19 VUC International Office invited Mr. Bayrak to stop by the office for a brief interview where he told us about his time in Ventspils, Latvia.

Mr. Bayrak is glad that VUC and BTU have signed an inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement that allowed him to travel all the way to Latvia. He hopes his teaching mobility will strengthen even more the cooperation between universities.

To make his travels more convenient, he rented a car, arrived in Ventspils Sunday afternoon, and was surprised to see such quiet and not crowded city. “Bursa is known as a green city, but Ventspils is much greener! Now when I reference a green city, I will talk about Ventspils”, commented Mr. Bayrak. He believes we have beautiful forests and a lot of green areas. There was also a chance enjoy the industrial side of Ventspils while being aboard the pleasure boat “Hercogs Jekabs”.

All in all people in Ventspils are very helpful and friendly. As to the VUC staff, he appreciates their smiles and kindness towards guests. “I am satisfied and the academic staff members are experts in their fields,” said Mr. Bayrak. He is especially grateful to his host at VUC – Vita Balama, programme director of the academic Bachelor study programme “Languages and Intercultural Communication”.  “Vita is a good person. She took the time to accompany me everywhere and introduce me to Ventspils and nearby points of interest, like Kuldiga,” he added.

When asked about his thought about VUC students, he believes they are receiving good education here and that they are active listeners, though a bit hesitant question wise.

The International Office of VUC thanks Mr. Bayrak for the interview and wishes him the best of luck in his work and future projects.