Study in Ventspils: Supawat’s story on the many advantages for studying in Ventspils


Every year, there are new international students coming from different countries to study at Ventspils University College and Ventspils University College – International Office has been fortunate to have worked with great trainees that come from their midst. One of them is Majoros Mónika, a 1st year ”Languages and Intercultural Communication” student from Hungary and she together with two other full-time students studying in one of our international programs, decided to share their stories and experiences.

We have already shared Abdukodir’s, Monika’s and Mukhammadsolikh’s stories, but our next story in the series “Study in Ventspils” is from Supawat, a 1st year “Computer Science” student from Thailand:

“There were many factors which made me decide to come and study in Latvia, Europe. The first reason was that I wanted to study in a country with many spoken languages, and since in Latvia people speak both Latvian and Russian, I saw a good opportunity to learn these languages.

However, the reason why I chose Ventspils and not Riga (the capital of Latvia) is the good environment:  peaceful town, fresh air, a beautiful (Blue flag) beach and forests. Finally, I wanted to experience the feeling of being a lone survivor in a completely different society, with people around who are completely different from me.  In some other countries, such as Germany or France, it would have been harder, since there are many other people from my country. However, here I have not seen any Thais for 7 months now, and it really makes me learn more than I expected!

Studying abroad has brought a positive change in my life. I automatically learned how to survive on my own. After having not planned anything in my life, I started to be a plan maker. I must do everything alone abroad. For example, I always have to plan travelling and make financial decisions alone. It makes me more and more grow up every day. Moreover, it is not only about personal, but also about social management in an international society. There are so many different people from many places around the world! I needed to learn about people’s diversity and understand people who are different from me. In addition, I learned how to interact and get along with many different kinds of people.

Studying in Europe in general has many advantages. What I like about Europe is its diversity. Europe is full of different cultures, languages and opportunities. It seems to be an endless learning place. I got to travel to many places learn many languages, and get to know many people from many countries. Every time I wake up, I need to remind myself where I am and who I am because I have been to so many places that I almost forget myself!

One more thing that I really like about Latvia is the language. Latvian language has a very complicated grammar, but it is fascinating to learn it. Some words are unique, seem to be ancient, and cannot be found in other languages. Moreover, Latvian traditions are very interesting. I might have never known it unless I came here. And I would define Ventspils as the most beautiful city I have ever been to. Not because of one specific part but the balance between forests, the beach, parks and the urban area. The city is tiny but tidy. It is very peaceful and I feel safe when I walk on the streets.

What I like about Ventspils University College is the lecturers’ attitude towards students.  They pay attention to each student, and this is differentiates VUC from the school I studied before. Here I feel more comfortable during lectures, and I always get the necessary help and answers, whenever I need it.

I would recommend studying here for people who would like to live in a good, peaceful and safe environment, with low cost of living, learn many languages, and study getting the full attention from the teachers.  If this is what you need, then VUC is the right place for you!

Should you wish to apply for international studies at VUC and live in a good, peaceful and safe environment, with low costs of living and have the full attention of professors, visit our page and follow the steps.

We look forward to welcoming you here with us!

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