New master study programme “Languages and Cultural Environment”

Master Study

Continuing to develop the Ventspils University College (VUC) study offer and providing the opportunity for existing and new students to continue the studies on master’s level, VUC has designed a new master’s study programme “Languages and Cultural Environment”.

The new study programme will allow the students an in-depth study of intercultural communication processes and to understand how it functions in today’s business environment.

The necessity for this type of programme is expressed by various companies who are in need for specialists who have a good knowledge of communication processes in different cultures.

In the elaboration of the academic master’s programme its developers took into account employers’ views on the need for a study programme that is focused on the international media language analysis, subjects where to analyse the options for increasing the competitiveness of international businesses by involving media in the creative activities of marketing.

Study programme duration will be 2 years and the graduates will gain the Master Degree in Humanities. Programme students will be able to choose one of the two branches: languages and cultures in the intercultural communication or languages and cultural environment in linguistics. The study programme will also offer the opportunity to learn one of the three specializations: German language and culture, Russian language and culture or English language and culture.

Ventspils University College has submitted all the necessary documents for the licensing of the new study programme. The licensing commission will arrive at Ventspils University College on June 20 and evaluate the programme, meet with university leadership, faculty, as well as get acquainted with the VUC material and technical basis.

The first students in the new programme will be admitted already this autumn. Study programme licence entitles Ventspils University College to accept and teach students in the specific study programme.

More information about this and other programmes can be found here: