Latvia’s first Satellite “Venta-1” launch already June 23 at 6:59 EEST


After arriving in India, satellite “Venta -1” was mounted on the Indian launch vehicle (rocket) PSLV-C38 that will deliver “Venta-1” into orbit. Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO and people dealing with the launch have informed Ventspils University College that the estimated time for the PSLV-C38 launch is June 23 at 6:59 EEST and 3.59 UTC. “Venta-1” will detach from the rocket 22 minutes after its launch, that is at 7:21 EEST. That is also the moment the satellite will begin to independently orbit the earth.

Previously it was reported that “Venta-1” was ready to be launched already a year ago aboard rocket PSLV-C34, but due to the unfortunate location on the rocket and the great number of satellites, calculations showed that the collision risk is too likely and therefore the launch did not take place. However, all odds are in our favor and it is believed the launch will not be delayed and the satellite will indeed be delivered into orbit. A university representative is on his way to India in order to participate in the historic moment.

Latvia’s first satellite “Venta-1” has been elaborated thanks to the cooperation between Ventspils University College and Bremen University of Applied Sciences.

Project’s main objective is to promote engineering studies development at Ventspils University College. Main planned experiments using “Venta-1” are connected with vessel traffic identification system (AIS) data reception via satellite and data transmission to earth station at Ventspils University College. With the support of such space technologies, it is possible to track vessel’s routs in a much wider territory than using traditional AIS systems that are located along the coastline and function within a radius of 20-40 km.

Thanks to “Venta-1” project, already a big proportion of Ventspils University College IT and Electronics student bachelor and master thesis were about issues connected to space technologies