Erasmus+ Stories: Shaping Futures


Every year, Ventspils University College welcomes new Erasmus+ mobility students from Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Poland and other countries. VUC is closely cooperating with numerous foreign higher education institutions, for example, International Balkan University in Macedonia, University of Deusto in Spain, KTO Karatay University, Ionian University in Greece and many more.

Initially, the most interest about coming to VUC was shown by language students. Now, a significant number of students also apply for programmes in other faculties. The last year saw a rapid increase in the number of applications from Germany and France – these applications are the greatest in number among the VUC Erasmus+ partnering countries. Every year it becomes clearer that the presence of Erasmus+ mobility students and international students is of vital importance, because they bring unparalleled cultural peculiarities and a refreshingly different worldview with them.

Thomas Scholz, Erasmus+ student from Germany

“Ventspils University College became my choice. The community was great, we had good conversations and lots of parties. The studies in Ventspils University College were not as complicated as expected. The teachers approach to transferring knowledge was much more personal and efficient than I was used to from my home university. The Latvia I saw was beautiful, the people were welcoming and the atmosphere was always friendly. For me Latvia was a great experience. The girls from the International Office were a big help. I did not have any problems with anything. All steps from the application to the beginning of the study were fluent without any obstacles, thanks to the International Office. I would definitely recommend the Ventspils University College to any student who is looking for an adventure abroad. You will find highly motivated teachers with different approaches to teaching, quality lessons and no language barriers. But studying is not everything. You will make friends for a life time and get to know a new culture.”

Salinas Laure, Erasmus+ student from France

“In VUC you have the opportunity to do a lot of activities based on the sharing of cultures. Consequently, it helped me to learn English very quickly. There were a lot of benefits thanks to this experience when I came back to my country. I realized that I felt very comfortable when speaking English compared to the other course mates. Erasmus definitely helped me to broaden my mind. I feel more interested in the international environment. I don’t know if it is a good example, but now I read international newspapers every week. I also met people that I couldn’t meet in France. I discovered new cultural habits and ways of thinking, and I feel more connected to Europe and Latvia. I recommend Ventspils University College because it is a very pleasant place to do your studies. Teachers provide you interesting lectures and speak English very well. Student life is also full of possibilities. It helped me to learn more about Latvian people and culture. I am very grateful for those who allowed me to go there. I learnt more about the beautiful country with very welcoming people.”

Every year Ventspils University College is not only welcoming new incoming Erasmus students, but also sending many of our students to spend part of their studies at another higher education institution or with an organisation in Europe. The Erasmus Programme in Europe has been enriching lives, opening minds and shaping people’s futures for the past 30 years (since 1987), but in Latvia and VUC – since 1998.