The Indian Challenge


The magnificent cultural heritage is India’s most valuable and enchanting of its assets. The geographic locale has the most cultural and linguistic diversity, compared to anywhere else on the planet. However, more and more Indian students choose educational opportunities provided by other countries. For the last several years Ventspils University College (VUC) has been accepting foreign students with the aim to diversify and internationalise the study environment. Since the first international student in 2012, the foreign student body of VUC has experienced fluctuations in the share of nationalities, especially regarding the proportion of Indian students. Although, currently the largest portion of international students are from Uzbekistan, Indian students are in hot pursuit to overtake them. The significant influx in the number of foreign students in Latvia and Ventspils can mostly be contributed to the high quality education, which in Ventspils has been made affordable by VUC.

In India, considerable importance is allocated to family ties, therefore, after graduating from VUC, Indian students recommend studies in VUC to their family members and friends, who often are considered as family, too. Of course, not all students, who want to study in VUC, are able to pass the admission and, later, the study quality requirements.

When inquired about their general impressions on Latvia, Indian students express that they are satisfied with the life conditions. They like the peacefulness and the besieging forests, allowing them to relax and study unhindered. For some of the students the calm environment and the small population of Ventspils (and Latvia in general) was a culture shock initially, because they are used to cities with millions of inhabitants, but the students reveal that they like to live and study here. Ventspils is a tidy city with much cleaner air.

At the moment, VUC offers studies in English in the following study programmes: academic Bachelor study programme “Languages and Intercultural Communication”, academic Bachelor study programme “Business Administration”, professional Bachelor study programme “Translation studies English-Russian-German”, as well as double degree Master study programme “International Business and Export Management” and academic Master study programme “Languages and Cultural Environment”.

In the academic year 2016/2017, VUC had 46 full time international students form such countries as Hungary, Russia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Uzbekistan, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, and for the studies in the academic year 2017/2018 VUC has already approved applications from more than 20 new students.