Chinese Language, Culture and Traditions Studies in Ventspils University College


Starting from the beginning of September, Pan Ling, a lecturer from China, will reside in Ventspils University College (VUC) for the whole study year, in order to give lectures on Chinese Language to the university and secondary school pupils, as well as to consult the VUC International Office in matters related to cooperation with China.

Pan Ling obtained a Bachelor degree in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in Huanggang Normal University, China. At the moment, Pa Ling is studying in the Master study programme “Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages” of South China Normal University.

For VUC students Pan Ling will give two free choice lectures: “Chinese Basics” and “Chinese Society, Culture and Traditions”. The students of the new Master study programme “Languages and Cultural Environment” will also study Chinese language and culture. In cooperation with VUC Lifelong Learning Centre, Chinese language studies will be offered to the 11th and 12th grade pupils of Ventspils general secondary schools and technical school.

VUC has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Univeristy of Latvia (UL) on the provision of a volunteer Chinese language teacher/lecturer. The Confucius Institute of UL has appointed Pan Ling to VUC according to the “Volunteer Program for International Chinese Teachers”. This programme is implemented by the National Office For Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of People’s Republic of China to improve mutual understanding and friendly relations between youth in Latvia and China, by promoting Chinese language and culture studies outside China.