National Postal Service Provider Latvijas Pasts Issues a Postmark with Latvia’s first Satellite Venta-1 for the World Space Week


Latvijas Pasts, the national postal service provider, has issued a new postmark and envelope, depicting Latvia’s first satellite Venta-1. The stamping of the postmark on its first day of issue is planned to take place on October 6, 2017, in post office Rīga-50, located in shopping centre Origo, Riga, from 8 AM until 7 PM.

A total of 100 000 units of the postmark have been issued under a nominal value of EUR 0.85, corresponding to the costs required for sending a standard letter to any country outside the European Union. In addition, 1500 units of a special envelope were issued together with the postmark. The design author of the newly issued postmark and envelope was artist Ludis Danilāns.

Venta-1, Latvia’s first satellite, was launched from India this year on June 23. It is estimated that it will be orbiting the Earth for at least a year. The satellite’s purpose is to test the vessel traffic automatic identification system, communication between other satellites and photo camera. Venta-1 communicates with Earth station in Ventspils University College.

The idea of the first Latvian satellite came about nine years ago. In 2008, the implementation was started by Ventspils University College and Ventspils High Technology Park, and later cooperating with Bremen University of Applied Sciences. The main objective of the satellite project was to develop engineering science and encourage young people to study information technologies, electronics and satellite technologies.

The postmark and envelope in honour of Venta-1 can be viewed here.

The next philatelic edition is planned to take place on October 10, 2017.

The information was prepared by state joint-stock company Latvijas Pasts