Study in Ventspils: A Warm Heart from Afar


Ventspils University College is a cultural melting pot both on the national level and internationally. Different people come together and create an amazing environment for studies, sports activities, relaxation with friends, strolling around the city and pure enjoyment of life. Some people choose to dive into the world of languages and learning the art of converting one piece of text from one language into another and even manage to spend their time volunteering and giving back to the world. This is the story of Umidakhon from Uzbekistan

What brought you to Ventspils University College?

My plan was to get a qualified education. Especially, I wanted to study in Europe. There was this one time when I was searching for information on different topics about international universities, and on Instagram I saw the story of Abdulaziz. I became really interested. He talked about Ventspils University College, expressing his opinion, sharing interesting experiences of studies in VUC. That’s why I decided to come to study in Latvia, particularly, in Ventspils University College.

In which programme are you studying? Do you like it?

I am studying in the Translation programme with specialisation “English – Russian – German”. We also can choose a third foreign language – Spanish or French. I study in this programme because of my deep interest in translation. Two years ago back in Uzbekistan, I started to translate different texts connected to railways and economics field under the supervision of a tutor. It was my first try at serious translation and I saw that it’s really interesting, because it is structured, based on grammar rules with special vocabulary from, for example, the railway industry, and some other technical nuances. I think that, by studying in the Translation programme, you will definitely develop your vocabulary.

Do you have any favourite subjects?

Yes, my favourite is English Phonetics, because we have a great lecturer! She shows all the aspects of pronunciation and not only that. Even when reading, we might make mistakes and the lecturer shows the right way of pronunciation/reading. The lecturer pays close attention to each individual student and is able to indicate the right words and the right way to say them. Our Phonetics lecturer is the greatest!

What are your plans after graduation?

I have to study for 4 years. After graduating, I plan to return to my country, Uzbekistan, and open a language school for disabled children. I have many friends, who have disabilities, and I see that they are very talented. That’s why I think it would be a good idea to pay more attention to the people with disabilities and work with them. My dream is not only to open a private school, but also cooperate with European countries and teachers from these countries, and create a programme, in which children with disabilities could take part.

What are your impressions on Ventspils?

I really love this city. Not just like, but love, because it’s really beautiful and clean. I come from Tashkent, which is the most populated city in Uzbekistan. This may be the reason why the city is not so clean and beautiful. Here I can find beautiful flowers. And the sea – it’s really important for me, because I have not seen it in my country. The weather, the air is amazing. Life here has been perfect for me.

Do you have any plans to join some voluntary activities related to children with disabilities?

Yes, I am going to work in the day centre “Cimdiņš”. I have already met with the children with disabilities. I think that work here will be good practice for me – to see the children’s talents, skills. Maybe I will be able to invite them to my future programme! I really appreciate the opportunity to work with the children. Actually, a person from VUC invited me to see the children, and I want to continue my work there as a volunteer. I have a lot of free time and I want to spend it efficiently.

Would you recommend Ventspils University College to other young people?

I recommend everyone to come study in VUC and choose a programme most fitting for them. I believe that everyone can find something, which interests them and which will benefit them, because all of the academic personnel here is highly qualified.

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