VUC Researcher Undergoes Training at Charles University in Prague


Researcher of the Faculty of Translation Studies of Ventspils University College (FTS VUC) Silga Sviķe underwent training in the Institute of Czech National Corpus (ICNC) of the Charles University in Prague under project “New Botanical Dictionary: Lexicographical Concept and Working Model”. VUC researcher was invited by the Head of the ICNC Dr. philol. Michal Křen and was backed by the support from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic for research in 2017/2018 academic year.

During the training, the researcher of FTS VUC was introduced to the corpus of Czech dictionaries ( and the possibilities of using other languages and parallel corpora for development of common dictionaries, especially, in the selection and collecting of additional information for dictionary entries. Also, it was possible to ask questions to the researchers of the ICNC on the possibilities of using the corpus in the creation of special dictionaries. ICNC researcher Dr. philol. Michal Škrabal provided insights into the practical part, including the employment of work methods, of developing a Latvian-Czech dictionary, through the lexicographic software “TshwaneLex”.

Within the framework of the training, Silga Sviķe visited the Lexicographic Section of the Department of Germanic Studies of Faculty of Arts in Charles University. Researchers of this institute Dr. philol Marie Vachková and Dr. philol. Martin Šemelík provided an introduction into the compilation process of the large German-Czech academic dictionary. Mrs. Vachková elaborated on the development, work stages, challenges and solutions for the German-Czech dictionary of terminology from the field of chemistry (Chemický slovník nĕmecko-český/Chemisches Wörterbuch Deutsch-Tschechisch), while Mr. Šemelík provided information on the development of the upcoming German-Czech dictionary of terminology from the field of literary studies. The insights and recommendations gained through the training will be taken into the account in the development of a model of the upcoming dictionary of terminology from the field of botany, as well as will be used in the Mrs. Sviķe’s lexicographic research on the compilation of common and special dictionaries.

Especially important was the sharing of experience in the cooperation of students and researchers in practical lexicography. During the training, there were discussions of future cooperation with the researchers from the Lexicographic Department of the Institute of Germanic Studies of Charles University through mutual visits and/or organising seminars on lexicography.