Study in Ventspils: From Hungary with Love


Ventspils is a city of many souls. It has the soul of the sea, the soul of the forest and the soul of a small and vibrant Latvian student hub. Wherever one looks there will be opportunities to be seized and shaped into a bright and strong future. For it to become a reality, one of the definite requirements include language skills and relentless work towards improvement. This is the story of the second year student Monika Majoros from Hungary.

What brought you to Latvia?

Well, that’s a long story. If I want to be honest, initially I had clearly personal reasons, because I my boyfriend is from Latvia. Besides that, the incredible nature in Latvia is one of the main reasons why I came to Latvia. At the beginning, I was curious how it is here, how it is to live in Latvia, decided to spend a few weeks, then a few months and, finally, maybe forever. After that, I decided to enrol in Ventspils University College (VUC).

Why did you go for Ventspils University College particularly?

Firstly, I lived in Ventspils at that time and I really like this city. It’s cities like this one, where the nature can be enjoyed to the utmost level. I found out more about VUC and offered programmes, and knew that I wanted to study here.

What are you studying in VUC and why?

Currently, I am studying in the academic Bachelor study programme “Languages and Intercultural Communication”. I think it is the most interesting and useful VUC programme. Both Latvia and the rest of the world require intercultural communication and specialists in this field. The reason why I chose this programme is simple – I needed an opportunity to learn languages. It doesn’t matter where we live in the world, languages are needed. In my opinion, it’s the perfect study programme for me.

Do you have any favourite subjects in this programme?

It’s hard to choose. I like most of the subjects; however, it’s hard to equally concentrate on all of them. I wish there would be more hours in a day for me to have time for all the studies.

It’s become known that you can speak Latvian really well. What encouraged you to take up this challenging task?

It’s also very simple – I want to continue living, studying and find a job here, too. A very good challenge. What really motivated me were the people around me. People were openly saying that I’m not going to succeed, they were 100% honest about it, I could still quote them word by word. To them my plan to stay in Latvia was a silly idea. Moreover, that’s what motivated me the most. During the summer, I worked in a company where Latvian was the predominant language. It was not easy, but it helped to develop my Latvian language skills quite a lot. Also, last year I worked in the International Office of VUC as an intern and was only using English. But now working as an intern there again, I will be able to gain valuable experience and further develop my Latvian!

(Now the interviewer changes to speaking in Latvian). Now there will be another challenge to you: what is it that you do now besides studying?

(Speaks in fluent Latvian). Now, 90% of the time I spend studying. I am learning languages. For me it’s not just about the requirements, I do much more. If I want to do something in Latvia, then I need the language, which means that for my future I will need to work much harder than everyone else. I need to study much harder than everyone else. And it’s very hard. That’s why I decided to go on an internship – not just to do the internship, but to do more, work more, gain experience, improve my language proficiency, become acquainted with different situations, in order for the future to be a brighter one. In the previous semesters, I took part in the VUC folk dance group “Strautuguns” and I hope I will be able to take this activity up again during the coming semester. I have a secret wish of participating in the Song and Dance Festival. When I had free time from the work in summer work, I was exploring Latvia, because there are so many interesting things to do here in Latvia!

Besides Latvian, are you intensively learning any other languages?

I can use my English and Latvian language skills, but I am also learning Russian and German. However, I don’t feel like I know the languages yet. I know three languages in total, if I count Hungarian.

In lieu of a summary (a commentary from the VUC International Office). Much of what has been written here has nothing to do with us – it is all Monika and her determination to make the most of her time in Ventspils, Latvia. Nevertheless, we are super proud of her and happy to have her as our intern.

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We look forward to welcoming you here with us!

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