Ventspils University College are welcoming all incoming students  and staff to spend the most wonderfull time ever through Erasmus exchange program in Ventspils!

In 2004 more than 650,000 people went to study, teach, or volunteer abroad via the Erasmus+ programme – and theses numbers have the tendency to grow! Ventspils University College is one of the many universities that offer its students and lecturers to seize this wonderful opportunity!

Our students have the chance to spend one semester or the entire academic year in a partner university of Ventspils University College of their choice. You can see them here.

These exchange programmes do not disappoint – students and lecturers return with broader horizons, new knowledge in their field of speciality, improved language skills, and a countless amount of unforgettable adventures!

Besides these opportunities Erasmus+ offers also to gain life experience and enhance personal growth with the European Voluntary Service programme. For more information visit:


Language of Instruction: The official language of instruction is Latvian and English. Some courses are available in other foreign languages. Students can apply for Latvian language and culture courses in VUC which will be provided through all semester.

Accommodation: Ventspils University College  offers dormitory for all incoming students. A place in the dormitory is booked by International Office.

Evaluation system

Grade Meaning Comments Estimated corresponding ECTS grade
10 izcili (with distinction) Knowledge of the student is substantially higher than the estimated normal level. A
9 teicami (excellent) Knowledge of the student is higher than the estimated normal level A
8 ļoti labi (very good) Knowledge corresponds to the highest expected level. B
7 labi (good) The student has mastered the subject deeply and with understanding, is progressing within the expected limits, but makes minor mistakes. C
6 gandrīz labi (almost good) The student has generally succeeded in the course within the required limits, but he or she is either merely reproducing the knowledge rather than actively using it, or making more substantial mistakes. D
5 viduvēji (satisfactory) Awarded to students, who are progressing within the limits of their individual abilities, generally are not behind the appropriate age group, but make substantial mistakes and reproduce the facts rather than analyse them. E
4 gandrīz viduvēji (almost satisfactory) The very last positive grade. Awarded to students, who do their best but still make grave mistakes and just reproduce most of the relevant material. E/FX
3-1 neapmierinoši (unsatisfactory) Marks of different levels for students whose records are below the expected Fail
In Latvia there are ECTS and local credit points which corresponds 1 credit point=1,5 ECTS as to the legislation of Latvia.