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Applications for International Degree Seeking Students
You are just a few steps away from your international study experience.
Applications for Exchange Students
Ventspils University of Applied Sciences is welcoming all incoming exchange students and staff to spend the most wonderful time ever in Ventspils!
Terms of Admission
In order to study at Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, all international degree seeking students need to meet certain criteria. Learn more about our Terms of Admission here.
Programmes in English and Tuition Fees
The essentials for your bright future ­- from Programming and Computer Science, to Business and Start-ups, to immersing in Cultures and conversing in various languages, to tackling the science of Export and Managing International markets, to conveying important messages from one language into the other.
Scholarships and Reduced Tuition Fees
Your hard work pays off. Ventspils University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with the local municipality, companies, the state of Latvia, generous people have found ways to support most diligent students.
Escaping the Immigration Maze: Entering Latvia
We take you by the hand and guide you through the immigration maze and try not to lose you while there.
Practical Information for Students
As you first set your foot in Latvia your life will never be the same. Many things will be different for you when you first arrive in Latvia and even in Ventspils. We cannot possible spare you from a culture shock, but we can most certainly try to lessen its intensity.
Get to Know University Life
The priority of every student’s life is studies. But a good student (or those who would like to think of themselves as good students) must know how to combine studies with rest and worthwhile leisure activities.

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