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Ventspils University College, established in 1997, is a national higher education and science institution.

The Ventspils University Library – a branch  of Ventspils Library, the most modern library of Latvia – has found its home underneath the roof of Ventspils University College.

The university library takes over two floors, and features wide sections of educational literature, periodicals, and fiction. The latest dictionaries on various fields, audio and audio-visual materials, e-book readers, and the latest books and periodicals are all available in the reading room. Due to the bright and spacious rooms, the university library is suitable for various group assignments. A quiet reading room is available as well, and is currently located in the media room.

There are five computers for work and study purposes: two free-access computers with internet access and three computers especially for the needs of the students of Ventspils University College. All the databases subscribed to by Ventspils University College are accessible free of charge from the stationary computers at the library.

The Ventspils University College Library fund is available to every resident of Ventspils; books and other printed publications can be taken home by presenting a valid United Reader’s Card or an equivalent student’s certificate. Ventspils University College Library’s internal regulations are available here.

The Ventspils University College Library is a member of the Association of the Latvian Academic Libraries (LATABA).

The library is located in the premises of Ventspils University College at Inženieru iela 101, Ventspils.


The following services are available at the Ventspils University College Library:

  • Subscription databases
  • CD-ROM databases
  • Computers with internet access
  • Group and individual information literacy classes (training)
  • E-readers for use at the library
  • Reservation of volumes, extension of book return date (remotely from personal user account, by phone +371 63629658 or by e-mail: solvitai@venta.lv)
  • Copying and computer printing (price list here)

Recommend a book the library should get that you are interested in but is not accessible. Click here to recommend.


  • To facilitate the returning of borrowed items when the library is closed, you can use the Return Boxes by the Main Library, the Children’s Library, and the Pārventa Library.
  • If you cannot find a book but it is in another unit of the Ventspils library, keep in mind that it can be ordered. The copy of the ordered book will be delivered to the nearest library within two days.
  • Ventspils University College has its own Twitter account @VeAbiblioteka.
  • You can find the Idea Bank box in our library now as well. Invest your ideas in our Idea Bank and we will carry them out to the fullest extent possible.  You can find readers’ ideas, suggestions and recommendations here.
  • Ventspils University College Library has received a gift from the National Cinema Centre with the most significant entities from Latvian film history and the most vivid examples of modern cinema.
  • The collection was put together by a panel of five film industry experts. As a result of the discussion, 70 Latvian films (10 feature films, 16 documentaries and 44 animated films) grouped in two chronological periods – classical cinema and modern times – made the list. A comprehensive informative educational bilingual catalogue (in Latvian and English) has been prepared for all films and their authors to accompany the selection of 25 DVDs.
  • NB! The books from Venstpils University College Library may be returned at other structural units of the Ventspils Library.

Bibliotēkas darba laiks

 Pirmdiena - Ceturtdiena
9:00 - 21:00
Piektdiena, Sestdiena 
11:00 - 18:00

Bibliotēkas darba laiks pirmssvētku un svētku dienās

21. aprīlī
10.00 - 16.00 
30. aprīlī 
09.00 - 20.00
1. maijā 
2. maijā 
09.00 - 21.00


  • Latvian
  • English
  • Russian