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Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC) of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VeUAS) provides every citizen of Ventspils and the surrounding region with the opportunity to gain and improve knowledge in various fields. We are offering courses and seminars for the acquisition and improvement of different skills, in line with the labour market requirements, for example, in foreign languages, computer technologies, business, etc. We also create custom training programmes for the skill development of a company’s employees.

The courses in LLC are lead by the knowledgeable academic staff and graduates of VeUAS, as well as by professionals from other industries. By the end of the course, the participants acquire a VeUAS certificate or diploma.

VeUAS LLC offers language courses for both intermediate learners and beginners. Our offer also includes creative courses, career development courses and preparatory courses for the centralized national examinations for the 12th grade secondary school pupils.

Summer School "Doing Business in EU"

JULY 22 - AUGUST 4, 2019

Doing Business in EU

by Ventspils University of Applied Sciences

Ventspils, Latvia

It is an extraordinary opportunity to gain insight in the principles of European business. Summer school provides both fresh theoretical and practical knowledge. Moreover, during the course it will be possible to develop new business ideas, work with experienced and highly acclaimed instructors, as well as meet new friends and potential business partners.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience!

Language: English

Audience: Young entrepreneurs, managers, bachelor and master program students.

Goal: Develop practical and theoretical understanding of starting and running a successful business in Europe.

Tuition fee: EUR 1400

Tuition fee covers:

Accommodation, breakfast, lunch, airport transfer (both ways), lectures, course materials, company visits, excursions, other transport related to the course, certificate of completion.

Apply:  until June 3, 2019.


Una Bitmane, e-mail:,

Rasa Zālīte, e-mail:

Information about Summer School


  • Beginner Level English/Intermediate Level English;
  • Beginner Level French;
  • Latvian;
  • Beginner Level Russian/Intermediate Level Russian;
  • Beginner Level Spanish/Intermediate Level Spanish;
  • Beginner Level Swedish;
  • Beginner Level Norwegian;
  • Sewing courses;
  • Crochet and knitting courses;
  • MS Office programmes;
  •  Solidworks;
  • Professional development course “Occupational Health and Safety”;
  • Preparatory courses for the centralized national examinations for the 12th grade secondary school pupils (Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry);
  • Preparatory courses for the centralized national examinations for the 12th grade secondary school pupils (Latvian Language and Literature);
  • Theatre sport;
  • Photography courses.

If you have already obtained secondary education or have a higher education degree and wish to take up engaging and essential study courses, we offer you the possibility become a Listener, attend VeUAS lectures both in Bachelor and Master study programmes, pass tests, receive marks and, after successfully passing the courses, receive a VeUAS certificate. Anyone with a suitable level of education can acquire the Listener status. Bachelor courses can be attended by Listeners with secondary education and Master courses – by Listeners with a higher education degree. The Listener status grants the opportunity to participate in the study process, pass tests, develop qualification with the help of the library and e-resources. Listeners are able to obtain and expand knowledge both in their and other fields, without the need to study in a particular Bachelor, Master or professional study programme. They are able to gain insight and experience, in order to choose a future profession, study in their own pace, pass tests and accumulate credit points, which are later recognised during future studies in VeUAS or other universities. They also receive a certificate (in Latvian and English) after finishing a course.


  • Latvian
  • English