Computer Science

    Faculty of Information Technologies

    Academic Bachelor of Natural Science in Computer Science
    General secondary or vocational education
    3 years (6 semesters)
    Full-time studies


    To prepare highly skilled specialists in computer science with fundamental knowledge in computer science, advanced mathematics, and engineering that allows independent adaptation to professional activities in changing labour market conditions, and to prepare students for further studies in professional programmes of a higher level, master’s studies, scientific work and further self-education.


    To provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in computer science; to accustom students to independent learning, evaluation, and application of the latest developments in the computer industry; to develop students’ scientific analysis abilities and independent problem solving skills; to encourage their involvement in solving practical and scientific problems; to motivate the students and facilitate the satisfaction of their needs for further education, including continuing studies in professional and academic master’s or doctoral study programmes; to provide qualified teaching staff and modern training in the study process; to provide students with an environment and conditions conductive to creative learning.