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This study program gives the opportunity to obtain two master's degrees simultaneously. Master's degree in social sciences from Ventspils University of Applied Sciences as well as master's degree in management science from IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. In Austria, this is one of the employers' most valued study programmes.




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  • To prepare high-level specialists who are able to carry out research work, which is based on the theoretical basis of entrepreneurship and business management in different types of Latvian and foreign institutions and companies;
  • On the basis of the acquired educational and methodological base, as well as acquired skills and competences, to compete in the labor market and react promptly to changes in it;
  • To successfully acquire further education in doctoral programmes.

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  • To provide students with the theoretical knowledge and skill set of export management, international business management, strategy, business and economic process analysis, as well as in other areas that would allow to  compete successfully and as soon as possible to adapt to the business environment or into the work of Latvian, European Union or other institutions;
  • To promote the competitiveness of graduates in the international labor market;
  • To provide students with practical application of the acquired knowledge and skills by analyzing various problem situations, case examples and solving practical tasks.

The study process is implemented on a modular basis so that people working in the business environment can actively participate in lectures. The program involves not only domestic but also foreign lecturers, including lecturers from Krems University of Applied Sciences

Year 1

Study courses that provide the latest in theory and practice in the industry

  • Strategic Management and Planning
  • Recent Foreign Trade Techniques
  • Strategic control and reporting
  • Strategic Purchases and Global Outsourcing
  • International Market Management
  • International Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Strategies
  • International Business and Strategic Change
  • E-marketing and the latest trends in selling techniques
  • Merge, Acquisition, and Trust
  • International Accounting Principles and Taxes
  • Courses in Research, Innovation, Design and Management

  • Change Management and New Management Techniques
  • International Finance, Investment and Budget
  • International Consulting
  • Corporate Governance and International Code of Ethics
  • Business and Project Management
  • Structured Exports and Project Finance
  • International Institutions and Strategic Relationships
  • European Union legislation, including EU integration
  • Research Methods
  • Year 2

    Study courses that provide the latest in theory and practice in the industry

  • Individual Specialization Subjects
  • Courses in Research, Innovation, Design and Management

  • International Consulting
  • International Management Simulations
  • Internship

    Each student must complete an internship in a company.

    Master's Thesis

    Each student must develop and defend a Master's thesis.

    If you have any questions, please contact the study program coordinator!

    Una Bitmane


    phone nr. +37163629650

    Why study at Ventspils University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management? Because it is an opportunity to get globally specific knowledge and skills in business management with a specialization in finance and accounting or marketing and logistics in an organized, friendly, creative environment that will enable you to achieve your highest goals.

    Dean of FOE Liene Resele


    Upon completion of this program, students will gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of a variety of export management and control concepts, the latest trends and innovations in international business and export management, in-depth understanding of the strategic management in connection with international business and export management


    The study program is designed to meet the requirements of the labor market not only in Latvia but also elsewhere in Europe. This program develops students' strategic vision and promotes international relations skills. After graduation, students have opportunities to work in areas such as marketing and purchasing, finance and insurance, risk management, market research, logistics, project management, financial consulting, quality management, supply chain management and more.

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