Languages and Intercultural Communication

    Faculty of Translation Studies

    Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities
    General secondary or vocational education
    3 years (6 semesters)
    Full-time studies (in English)


    To train qualified experts on international communication for national and local government institutions.
    To provide studies tailored to economic, cultural, and social needs.
    To provide practically applicable academic studies which correspond to educational standards and are based on theoretical scientific foundations.


    To provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills and abilities needed to provide professional intercultural communication services in sectors relevant for the national economy.
    To promote the competitiveness of graduates in changing socio-economic conditions and in the international labour market.
    To encourage acquisition of in-depth knowledge which provides an opportunity to independently develop research methodologies, to apply research methodologies in new fields, and to continue studies to achieve higher qualifications.
    To ensure conformity of educational quality with the level in European and other economically developed countries by improving methodological, scientific, material and technical support of the study process, increasing the qualifications of lecturers, and promoting cooperation with other Latvian and foreign higher education institutions.
    To modify the content and teaching methods of the program in a timely manner in response to changes in the labour market and to accurately predict future changes.
    To establish a close link between studies and actual practices in multi-cultural companies.