Thanks to globalization, intercultural communication has become our daily necessity. When two or more cultures meet, they need to understand each other, and at a qualitative level. Ventspils University pf Applied Sciences is a place where you will learn not only about different cultures but also about foreign policy, international law, project management, decision making and other important aspects to become a successful intercultural communication specialist.



* For Applicant who is a Latvian citizen, a Latvian non-citizen, a citizen of the European Union, a citizen of the European Economic Area or a citizen of the Swiss Confederation and a permanent resident of the European Community a resident holding a valid residence permit and / or an applicant who has completed secondary education in one of the above countries.
** For Applicants who are not Latvian citizens, Latvian non-citizens, European Union citizens, European Economic Area nationals or citizens of the Swiss Confederation and permanent residents of the European Community a resident holding a valid residence permit and / or an applicant who has not completed secondary education in any of the above countries.

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To train qualified intercultural communication specialists for Latvian and international institutions. Provide studies that meet economic, cultural and social needs. To provide practically applicable academic studies based on the theoretical foundations of the branch sciences, corresponding to the standards of academic education.

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  • To provide students with the necessary knowledge and practical skills for the provision of professional high-level intercultural communication services;
  • To promote the competitiveness of graduates in the international labor market;
  • To implement knowledge acquisition, which provides an opportunity to independently develop research methodology and apply it;
  • To develop a close relationship between the study process and real practice in multicultural companies;


The undergraduate academic program "Languages and Intercultural Communication" is a great opportunity to learn languages and broaden your cultural understanding in a truly international study environment. Comprehensive and integrated studies provide a comprehensive insight into current political, economic and cultural issues, practically teaching decision-making.

Vita Balama, Director of Study Programme


  • Gives you great opportunities to continue your masters course;
  • Graduates are prepared for work in diplomatic institutions, in positions related to labor resources and in the field of record keeping, mainly in multinational companies, which also require language skills;
  • Possibility to work as an intercultural communication specialist Latvian and international institutions
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