Business Administration

    Faculty of Economics and Management

    Bachelor of Social Science in Business Administration
    General secondary or vocational education
    3 years (6 semesters)
    Full-time studies (in English)


    To train skilled management specialists for work in private companies and state or local government companies and institutions in Latvia and abroad. Graduates’ knowledge and skills must be in line with the world standard of the first academic degree in management (Business Administration).


    To provide students with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and understanding of main principles of economics, entrepreneurship and management, understanding about internal and external environment of the company, knowledge about functions of entrepreneurship as well as skills on how to analyze and assess external environment of the company in general and specific economic and legal features related to the company, ability and skills to plan and organize work of the enterprise using state of art methods and means.

    Curriculum of the programme and teaching methods ensure that students after graduation are able to join different businesses in Latvia and abroad as well as to continue their studies in different Master level programmes both in HEI in Latvia and abroad.