Faculty of Economics and Management

    Manager of the company, qualification level 5
    General secondary education or vocational secondary education (third level of qualification)
    4 years (8 semesters)
    Full time studies (English)


    To train versatile, ambitious business management leaders with proven experience and future competencies capable of creating innovative solutions and sustainable businesses, as well as adapting to the dynamic business environment and technology trends.


    1. To provide knowledge and practical skills in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and development of emotional intelligence.
    2. To ensure practice-based learning. (Student teams will build their own companies in the 1st year.)
    3. To apply non-traditional knowledge acquisition through team self-study, in combination with discussion panels and hands-on activities to stimulate interest and motivation for in-depth learning in a practical way within the company.
    4. To provide each student individual mentor sessions to develop a student's personal growth plan and skills.
    5. To provide knowledge and practical skills in financial management, marketing, business modeling, communication skills, economics, accounting, data analysis and interpretation, service design, leadership, product development, minimal viable product development, content creation and media, personal branding.
    6. To ensure that there is a possibility to make money in the study process without paying attention to extra-curricular activities.
    7. To provide attendance at industry conferences, hackathons and their organization to get to know the industry, understand business relationships and presentation skills.
    8. To prove the knowledge acquired during the studies in the bachelor's examination and practical tests of real enterprise problem-solving.


Learning the literature

Students acquire knowledge independently through recommended literature, online courses and other materials.



During the class, students discuss their new knowledge with each other.



During the class students solve problems of entrepreneurs and apply their knowledge in the development of their company.



General study courses:

  • Personal growth
  • Professional English in the labour market
  • Communication skills
  • Innovation Week


Optional courses:

  • Financial markets
  • Sharing economy
  • Platform business model
  • Game theory

Basic theoretical courses and courses of information technologies:

  • Information communication technologies for entrepreneurs
  • Technology Business
  • Basics of Economics
  • Accounting
  • Management of the company
  • Legislation and administrative management
  • Statistics and data interpretation
  • Civil and environmental protection
  • Sustainability and Green Thinking

Courses of professional specialization:

  • The 21st Century Marketing
  • Financial management
  • Service design
  • Future leadership
  • Sales and customer relations
  • Practical company marketing
  • Product development through experimentation
  • Content creation and media
  • Innovation management
  • Production
  • Project 24