Master’s study programmes

    International Business and Export Management

    Faculty of Economics and Management

    Professional Bachelor of Business Management and level 5 qualification, Company Manager
    Secondary or secondary vocational education
    4 years (8 semesters)
    Full-time studies


    To train skilled management specialists both for work in private companies and in state and local government companies and institutions. Graduates’ knowledge and skills must be in line with the world standard of the first academic degree in management (Business Administration).


    To provide students with knowledge and skills in both theory of management and practical management in various forms as well as in analysis of business and economic processes (students acquire an in-depth professional understanding of their chosen specialisation); to provide students with basic knowledge of management, economics, finance, entrepreneurship, accounting, marketing, logistics, statistics and advanced mathematics, business informatics, law, philosophy and psychology; to provide an understanding of company management; to acquire advanced knowledge in one of the following fields (specialisations): financial management and management accounting, marketing and logistics management, or business specifics in the Baltic States; to develop an understanding of economic, legal, ethical, and psychological aspects of business management; to further and consolidate foreign language skills (English and/or German); to master business management-related vocabulary; to acquire analytical skills by using both qualitative and quantitative methods and appropriate computer tools in the analysis of management situations and decision-making; to conduct independent research in the chosen sub-field of management studies and to summarise the results in a bachelor’s thesis meeting the requirements of a scientific publication; to demonstrate basic knowledge acquired during the studies in the bachelor’s exam.