Ventspils University College, established in 1997, is a national higher education and science institution.

Since the foundation of Ventspils University College in 1997, science and research have been its focus.

Using the opportunity to attract external financing, Ventspils University College provides favourable conditions for scientific activity – laboratories with modern equipment have been set up at the institution.

In the course of fifteen years, Ventspils University College and its departments have participated in the implementation of more than 50 significant scientific, research and infrastructure development projects.

International Radio Astronomy Centre
The centre is located in Irbene, a former town of the Soviet army, and its owner is the Ventspils University College Institute of Engineering.
Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development
The centre carries out high-quality scientific research focused on the academic environment; research results are published in internationally acclaimed journals, conference materials, and research reports.
Smart Technology Research Centre
The centre carries out research activities vital for the society, ensuring the integration of science in the study process and knowledge transfer to the national economy.
Scientific conferences and seminars are organised at Ventspils University College annually.