Student life
A good student must know how to combine studies with rest and worthwhile leisure activities.

Student life

The priority of every student’s life is studies. But a good student (or those who would like to think of themselves as good students) must know how to combine studies with rest and worthwhile leisure activities.

Student life is an integral part of studies, and it is mostly taken care of by Ventspils University College’s Student Council and the students themselves. The Student Council organises events and represents students’ interests both within and outside the institution, while students plan and run hobby groups and sports.


At Christmas, Ventspils University College throws a ball with live music and an evening wear dress code. The ball is the best-attended event of the year for both current students, friends, and graduates. In 2006, VUC Annual Awards were organised for the first time as an introductory part of the ball, and this has already become a tradition – at the end of each year, awards are presented in the following categories: Student of the Year, Lecturer of the Year, Event of the Year, Humorous Student of the Year, Trouble of the Year, and Freshman of the Year. All students, staff, and administrators of the university are invited to the awards ceremony, which takes place just before the ball, and traditionally students sing, dance, and perform in front of the audience. After the ceremony, everyone is invited to stay for the ball to listen to live music, dance, and participate in various amusements.

Other events occur more often than balls. Themed parties are organised by the VUC Student Council on an almost monthly basis. During the first semester is the first of September party so that freshmen can get to know each other, the Initiation party, the Halloween party, and others. During the second semester, there is a Valentine’s day party, a Mafia party, and afterparties following sports games.


Ventspils University College is known as one of the most athletic universities in Latvia. In spite of its relatively small number of students, it has a huge, crowded cupboard in the VUC student lounge room filled with trophies from local and national competitions.

Thanks to the support of the Ventspils City Council, students can train in the Ventspils Olympic Centre free of charge. There is a timetable for all disciplines – swimming, hockey, ice skating, indoor football, basketball, volleyball, floorball. The schedule of sports events can be found on the Student Council’s home page.

Sports events

Every year in the autumn semester at Ventspils University College, a volleyball championship takes place on a university level, and a men’s volleyball team has been established which successfully represents VUC in bigger tournaments. A swimming competition and a tournament for the card game Zole take place in the autumn semester as well.

The second semester of the academic year is even more abundant in sporting events, and all students are free to participate. In the spring semester, a soccer tournament, Zole tournament, Novuss tournament, Basketball Hullabaloo, relay race of the faculties, beach volleyball, and the Sports Games take place over the course of several months. A boat trip is organised each year before the exam session.

All students are welcome to participate in the events for participation, not winning, is the key to having a great time. But that does not mean that VUC sports lack adrenaline and competitiveness – quite the contrary; the willingness to win is strong with every participant!

Open-air sports events

There is a basketball court with a flexible floor covering and a streetball court with a rigid covering on campus that can be used by all students and lecturers in their spare time. The courts are especially popular in spring and autumn when weather conditions are suitable for outdoor sports.

Football lovers go to kick the ball on the so-called “Billion Field” after lectures. It is one of the football fields laid out by the local Ventspils city government. The field has an artificial cover, lights, stands for 500 spectators, and is built in line with international standards. National championships, UEFA Cup games, and competitions at the city level are held here. The football field is just a five-minute walk from the university.

As the warm days of summer slowly approach, students love to play beach volleyball on specially designed courts. Students have also grown fond of morning and evening workouts in the nearby forest, seaside park, and on the beach.


Every year in spring, a quiz is organised at the university. This year it was hosted in cooperation with the VUC Debate Club, and the topic was Back to Primary School. Nineteen teams participated in the event, including two teams of lecturers. The quiz included questions on mathematics, natural sciences, and various other subjects.

Tidiness days, days of PET bottles and waste paper

Tidiness days and days of PET bottles and waste paper are held twice in the academic year, and all the students and staff of the University College participate in these activities. As of 2011, PET bottles have been placed in the dormitories to encourage a greener lifestyle.